Office building Yantra - Gabrovo

Office building in the central part of the town of Gabrovo - offices, bank office, business center, conference halls, restaurant, cafe-bar, maintenance and management of the building, safety provided by a 24/7 security and surveillance systems.


"It is a privilege for the inheritor to be born in Gabrovo listening to the language of the river, being engrossed in the silence of the riverside and understanding bit by bit that the most significant things always happen at the crossroads."

Gabrovo is a town in Central Bulgaria. It is located at the North foot of the central part of the Balkan mountains- along the Yantra River. Gabrovo is among the 100 National trourist sites: the Culture House in Gabrovo, the Museum of Education, Architectural Ethnographic Complex Etar.

Being a typical industrial center, Gabrovo kept and developed the traditional fields of industry, such as machine building, textile and knitted fabric industry, leather and shoe industry. Together with them newer fields were developed such as production of cosmetics, plastic goods, chocolate goods, high technology productions. Two of the main national thoroughfares which are of great importance for the European road network, cross in Gabrovo, and namely:route E85 being a part of the Trans European transport corridorNo. 9 (Helsinki- Saint Petersburg- Kiev- Bucharest- Rousse- Veliko Tarnovo- Gabrovo- Dimitrovgrad with diversions to Greece and Turkey) and Hemus motorway (Sofia-Varna).

Distance in km:
Tryavna - 18 km
Dryanovo- 20 km
Sevlievo - 27 km
Gorna Oryahovitsa - 60 km
Sofia - 220 km
Varna - 274 km
Burgas - 234 km
Plovdiv - 150 km.


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