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Albena Invest Holding Jsco

files/upload/Subsidiares/AlbenaInvest.gifAlbena Invest Holding Jsco is among the five largest holding companies on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, with a market capitalization of over 100 mil. BGN. The activity of the holding consists of acquisition, sale of shares and management of fourteen subsidiaries.


Medica Albena Medical Center  Sole-owner Jsco

files/upload/Subsidiares/Medika.gifThe scope of activities includes: specialized out-of-hospital activities. There are two directions in the Center: Polyclinic and Balneological Center
The company is the holder of the Golden Award for best Medical Center for vacation, treatment, SPA and wellness according to the world standards for 2007 of Tourism and Recreation magazine.


Albena Tour Jsco

files/upload/Subsidiares/AlbenaTour.gifServices provided: excursions and events both on the territory of the country and abroad, congress and incentive events in Albena; accommodation booking in Bulgaria and abroad through Direct Sale Agencies within the whole country.  
The company offers a great variety of entertaining and cultural events and excursions.


Ecostroy Jsco

files/upload/Subsidiares/EkoDobrichStroi.gifThe company disposes of a good necessary equipment with the following main activities:
road construction and repair; asphalt production; concrete production; concrete products; construction materials market; building mechanization and motor transport; forge and woodwork shop. 
The company is awarded by the Bulgarian Construction Chamber   the Golden Award for best building practice for 2002 and it is the holder of the silver awards for best building practice for 2003 and 2004.


Albena Car Sole-owner Ltd.

files/upload/Subsidiares/AlbenaAutotrans.gifThe scope of activities is rent-a-car and transport services. The company renovates its autopark every year. It has new models of motor cars in the "rent-a-car" activities at competitive prices. It offers mini-buses for transport and transfer services.


Eco Agro Jsco

files/upload/Subsidiares/EcoAgro.gifThe main activities of the company are: production, processing, storage and realization of plant-growing production - grain production, fruit-growing, vegetable-growing. 
The main goal of the company is to provide high quality and ecologically clean production both for Albena resort and the Bulgarian market and also popularization on the European and world market in the future.


Tihia Kat Jsco

files/upload/Subsidiares/BalchjikGardens.gifThe main activities are construction of a residential complex; construction and exploitation of an underground parking lot in the town of Balchik.  
In 2008 the company started the construction of Tihia Kat holiday complex with unfolded built-up area of 21 117 sq.m. The property is situated in the vicinity of the Architecture and park complex "The Palace" on the very coast of the Black Sea. It is near the yacht port of the town of Balchik and is bounded by the Damba alley.  


White Lagoon Jsco

files/upload/Subsidiares/WhiteLagoon.gifThe company was established in 2002 with the following scope of activities - hotel and restaurant management, tour operator activity, international and home tourist services, elaboration and rent of sites, construction and engineering.


Hotel Des Masques, Anzere

files/upload/Subsidiares/DesMasques.gifDes Masques hotel complex is located on the very square at the center of Anzere mountain resort, Switzerland. According to the Swiss legislation, the hotel is qualified a 3-star hotel, commanding 40 furnished rooms with 90 beds, 1 apartment and 6 staff rooms. There are a restaurant and a bar belonging to the hotel, with a total number of 100 seats. The hotel complex is developed on six levels - a basement, a ground floor (reception block) and four hotel floors. 


Residential complex "Balchik gardens"
Residential complex "Balchik gardens"

“Balchik gardens” is a true piece of paradise, located in the vicinity of the sea coast, in the very heart of the venerable “White town”, in the...

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Villas "Tihia kat" area
Villas "Tihia kat" area

"Tihia kat" is a luxurious residential development with access control, situated in a natural green park, near the beach and the pedestrian...

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